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The Lamma Dragons are proud to welcome back Platinum Wines as our sponsor.

Platinum Wines was established in Hong Kong in 2006. The company’s first aim is to import boutique wines from all over the world that are not available anywhere else in Hong Kong. In order to meet this goal we have a very diverse team including staff from Australia, Mainland China, England, France, South Africa, Italy, United States and Hong Kong. We can safely boast that we have over 50+ years combined experience in wine. We are also one of only 350 registered wine merchants worldwide with Liv-Ex, which is the largest, global trading platform for fine wines in the world.

Platinum Wines makes sure your wines are taken care of; from drinking wines to high-grade investment wines. You do not have to worry about anything in a bottle or barrel. We continuously monitor your wines and will deliver them straight to your door to ensure you can relax over a glass of wine without any hassle. Investment wines are stored in top-quality, temperature-regulated facilities (usually Crown Wine Cellars) and are certified and insured.

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