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Recruitment this Saturday

Calling all Lamma Dragons –

The 2013 Dragon Boat Season has begun and we need new blood!  The time has come to recruit new members to help us continue our paddle to victory.

Our first recruitment activity will be a Meet-and-Greet session to introduce potential recruits to the team and give them a chance to find out what being a Lamma Dragon is all about.  We will show videos from past seasons, have information sheets and waivers for new people to sign, and WE will be there as a team to help tell them what dragon boating is all about.

Details of the event:

When: Saturday, February 23rd

What time: 4-5:30pm

Venue: Island Bar, Lamma Island

To make this event a success, WE NEED YOU!!

1) Bring any friends, acquaintances, work mates, or the hot guy/girl you’ve had your eye on to the IB on Saturday afternoon.  Hopefully, every current member will bring at least one new person along.

2) Bring yourselves – we’d like to have as many team members there as possible (even if you are not paddling this year) to talk to folks and to show what great team spirit we have.  There will be NO TRAINING on Saturday afternoon, so you have no excuse but to grab someone and come on down!

Any questions, feel free to contact me at the email or mobile number below.  See y’all next weekend!



Email: c.dingle@gmail.com


  1. Is there a JPG or PDF of this poster anywhere so I can share/forward it to some friends who are interested?