4 freaking days to go!

Can you believe it? The best event on the Dragon boat racing calendar is almost here!

This year is an extra special event as we celebrate our 25 years in Hong Kong! so take the day off on monday cause the festivities are sure to go well on

into the night!



1st race of the season

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for the new paddlers who dont know the song yet!


BBQ This Saturday!

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On Saturday, we will have our first social of the year – a BBQ on the beach in glorious sunshine*!

The deal: $100 includes all food plus one beer or soft drink. After that, cold beers and soft drinks will be available to buy for $10 and bottles of Thirsty Horse for $100.

What you need to bring to training at 3pm (old-bies) or 4pm (newbies) :

$100 plus change for extra beers

A salad or side dish so we don’t all get scurvy / heart disease

Dry clothes to change into after paddling

Anyone bringing salad will be offered beer in payment so no excuses for not bringing something!

See you on the beach!

* disclaimer: sunshine assured by HK Observatory. If its not sunny, it’s not my fault

Natalie Potts
+852 5428 5792


Lamma Dragons BBQ 9th March 2013


We will very soon kick off an important element of our training regime: kicking back with a beer after a hard slog in the boat.

The first ‘training’ session of the year will be a BBQ on the beach after training next Saturday 9th March. There will be meat, there will be beer, there will be leafy healthy things – what more could you ask?!

Cost: $100 (inc. food and 1 beer or soft drink)

When: Saturday 9 March, 5pm till late

Training will start a little earlier at 3pm so we can paddle and still enjoy a few rays on the beach before the sun goes down. The captains will update the timing on Teamsnap and remind you closer to the time.

Anyone wanting to help out on the grill by cooking things thoroughly and not giving the entire team gastroenteritis would be very welcome, as would people bringing salads and other non-meat dishes. Please let me know if you’re planning to bring something as it may get you an extra beer or two in payment!

Let me know if you have any special requests via email or ask me at paddling this Saturday,


Natalie Potts
+852 5428 5792


Recruitment Saturday 4pm

Just a reminder that recruitment day is only 2 days away! Are you bringing someone?

Get to work!


Recruitment this Saturday

Calling all Lamma Dragons –

The 2013 Dragon Boat Season has begun and we need new blood!  The time has come to recruit new members to help us continue our paddle to victory.

Our first recruitment activity will be a Meet-and-Greet session to introduce potential recruits to the team and give them a chance to find out what being a Lamma Dragon is all about.  We will show videos from past seasons, have information sheets and waivers for new people to sign, and WE will be there as a team to help tell them what dragon boating is all about.

Details of the event:

When: Saturday, February 23rd

What time: 4-5:30pm

Venue: Island Bar, Lamma Island

To make this event a success, WE NEED YOU!!

1) Bring any friends, acquaintances, work mates, or the hot guy/girl you’ve had your eye on to the IB on Saturday afternoon.  Hopefully, every current member will bring at least one new person along.

2) Bring yourselves – we’d like to have as many team members there as possible (even if you are not paddling this year) to talk to folks and to show what great team spirit we have.  There will be NO TRAINING on Saturday afternoon, so you have no excuse but to grab someone and come on down!

Any questions, feel free to contact me at the email or mobile number below.  See y’all next weekend!





Some inspiration to get you to the beach


4pm today-Power Station Beach

It’s the first paddle of the season!

Make sure you have signed up on teamsnap and we’ll see you at the beach today.


signup teamsnap today!

Paddlers,Why havent you signed up for training this weekend?

Yes it’s that time of year we hassle you to sign up on teamsnap.

Please understand this helps the captains and coaches co-ordinate training sessions.


So stop what you are doing now and sign up and we will see you tomorrow at 4pm!!


Training starts this Sat!!!!!!!

Lamma paddlers – it’s time to dust off the gear and get ready to paddle for the 2013 season and the 25th year anniversary.

Training will be at power station beach at 4pm!! For the first time men and women!- whoo hoo!

Let’s do it!