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BBQ This Saturday!

Published on March 7, 2013, by in Uncategorized.


On Saturday, we will have our first social of the year – a BBQ on the beach in glorious sunshine*!

The deal: $100 includes all food plus one beer or soft drink. After that, cold beers and soft drinks will be available to buy for $10 and bottles of Thirsty Horse for $100.

What you need to bring to training at 3pm (old-bies) or 4pm (newbies) :

$100 plus change for extra beers

A salad or side dish so we don’t all get scurvy / heart disease

Dry clothes to change into after paddling

Anyone bringing salad will be offered beer in payment so no excuses for not bringing something!

See you on the beach!

* disclaimer: sunshine assured by HK Observatory. If its not sunny, it’s not my fault

Natalie Potts
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